Thursday, March 31, 2011


Here is a picture of a wild albino peacock.  He was dancing for the ladies.  Very cool!

Tomorrow we start are journey back to Eville!


Sunday, March 27, 2011


Last night was dance night.  This was our last dance this season.  The band was pretty bad, but we stayed because we wanted to share it with our friends.  Maybe because of this or because I drank a coke instead of starting on the wine when Larry did, but Larry got a little buzzed.  Since we live about 50ft from the hall this was not really a concern.  I told him I could guide him home.  Larry loves to dance and is a natural, but Saturday he lost a little of his inhibitions.  He was moving and dancing  and looking sexy and believe me the ladies noticed.  Judy who was sitting at the next table ask me if we had taken dance lesson and how long had we had been married.  Then she told me she was jealous of me.  Another lady came up to Larry when he was sitting down and leaned over and told Larry we were the best dancers there. I told him when we got home that women were lusting over him.  He was embrassed and really doesn't believe it, but it's true.

This is our last week here.  Friday we start our journey back to Evansville.  We will make several stops on the way home.  I have mixed emotions about leaving.  I will glad to see my family and friends again, especially Mady and it is getting very hot down here.  But I will miss all the people and all the activties.

O well, on to new adventures!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011




 Yesterday we went to the Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tournament.  It is a beautiful course and there were not many people there.  It was a practice day for the pros and it was kind of hit and miss as to who we got to see.  The pros we did see, we were able to get pretty close to.  We saw Ernie Els, Zach Johnson and Jim Furyk.  Lots of new young players. We left about 30 minutes to soon because we heard on the news that evening that Tiger showed up and played the back nine.  Oh well!

Oh and VeeJay Sing!


Saturday, March 19, 2011


Only a couple of weeks left here in Florida.  I have mixed feelings about that.  I am ready to see my friends and family  in Indiana, but it is just so beautiful here!

I have attached a couple of pictures of the nature that we have right  here in the RV park.  We have a small pond at the end of our street and a couple of alligators & many turtles live there.  I have seen Little Blue Herons, Egrets and Ibis birds also visiting there.  In the back we have a storage area and there is a small pond and pasture behind it.  Back there we have seen assorted wild life also.  There is a very very large owl's nest.  We have see the adults and the babies.  These are the Great Horned Owl.  I have attached a picture of the adult sitting on a branch near the nest.  The adult is around 2 to 3 ft tall, so you can see in the picture how far up the owl is in the tree. The nest is to the bottom right.  It is huge!  The owls come back year after year and keep adding to it.  Image the baby owl boo in that thing! Ugh!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Sorry, I have a little lax in my posting.  This is harder that I thought it would be to keep up.

Let's see what has happened since the last time I posted.  Well at Saturday night's dance we had a little excitement at the end of the evening.  Everyone was having a good time, some more that others if you know what I mean.  After the performer quit singing for the evening he still put on some dance music over his system.  And the die hards were dancing on.  Well the music was old rock and roll stuff so everybody was free style dancing and the drinks were well consumed earlier in the evening.  Rosie, who is married to a much younger man btw, had a long dress on.  Well she was getting carried away and was lifting the front of dress up showing her legs and the next time it got a little higher and she was showing her thighs. People were hooping and hollering and everyone was dancing a little more wild than earlier in the evening.  The next time, she turns around and lifts her dress up to her waist! We left right after that dance because Larry didn't want to see what might come next. I told Larry as we were leaving I had been traumatized because I saw grannie pannies and they were on a granny!

Anyone who knows my family knows I am use to see the moon, but not from lady in her seventies.  I was a little surprised, because Rose is a very beautiful, tall graceful and I thought, a classy women!  But like I said the drinks were flowing.  And this was at a dance were Larry and I were one of the younger couples!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Tuesday the park had a ladies lawn bocce tournement.  Mike (my brother) is now on the Board of Directors for the lawn bocce group.  When they were putting the teams together the board realized they were one lady short of having 8 teams.  Mike ask me if I would play to even up the teams.  I agreed, even thought I had not played a lot of games.  So Tuesday morning I reported to the bocce field and was delighted to find I was on a pretty good team.  In fact, my team came in second and we each received $10.00 as are gift!

A nature bonus was during one of the games there was a wood stork down by the little pond here at the resort.  One more bird checked off in my bird book.

The four or five days before the trounement and even the last couple of days have been pretty hetic.  Larry started seriously looking for full tone dually truck.  We visited three of four dealers and many deals and contacts going on.  In fact, Larry was so ate up shopping and dealing his head was spinning by Sunday. He told me we were just going to take the day off from truck shopping,  But, after church, we went out for brunch with some friends, Max and Lois.  Max knew that Larry was shopping for trucks and someone had told him of one they had seen by the road for sale, but they though it was a gas and we needed a desil.  So on our way back from the restraunt, Max suggested we go check it out just to be sure.  Well, when we gt to the truck it was exactly what Larry had been looking for and the price was reasonable!  Larry and Max looked it over and we all took it for a test drive.  Now remember we have been looking at trucks for days and were about $1000.00 apart on one and had been made a good offer on another, so Larry knew a bargain when he saw one.  So right on the spot he made an offer and the guy accecpted.

So now we had to get our truck out there on the market. Larry spent most of the rest of the day cleaning it up and making signs.  Monday we had to call the bank.  I also called the IN DMV and the FL DMV, which was no easy task!  We had an offer on our truck Tuesday and the guy paid a deposit, but he told Larry his wife might object, so Larry being Larry told him if that happened he would give the deposit back.  Well, we did not hear anything that evening and not until the next morning about 9 he called and said his wife did not approve of the deal.  We were so bummed!  I reminded Larry that another man had called late in the day and Larry had told him the truck was sold.  We knew around what time he had called, so Larry looked on his phone and called the number. He left a message that the truck was back on the market.  Well, by golly,  the second guy came by and drove the truck and ended up buying the truck.  In between these events we were on the phone and emailing our insurance company.  The we had to go to the bank and get a cashier check to buy are new truck.  Lots of hassles, but in the end we sold our old truck and have a 2007 Chevy full ton dually.