Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 29, 2010

We both went to exercise class this morning, even though Larry was pretty sore from Mondays class.  I must admit my thighs were a little sore also.

After class we came back and change into our swim suits and walked down to the pool and hot tub.  Today was the first day I thought it was warm enough and it was still only 54.  The water was very warm and really felt good.  There were some pool men cleaning the main pool and one of them took our picture and I will attach it.  We meet another couple there and the have been full-timers for a couple of years.  Sharon and Art are their names.  They work part-time doing so sort of auction for a company out of California.  Mostly it seems to set up the merchandise in hotel in meeting rooms and help with the auction.
Art was quite the talker!It is so much fun to meet new people and hear their stories!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day

I slept in Christmas Day and caused us to arrive a little later at Jen and Johnny's house later than Larry wanted to.  It was great to see the grand kids and spent the day with the family.  We played games, had a big meal and then played Zander's X-Box.  Part of the afternoon we sat out on the patio!  It is great to be in Florida!


Arrived in Florida

We arrived at our RV resort on Friday, 12/24/10!  It was a little cool, but sunny.  It took us while to get the trailer set up.  We had to make two trips into town to get some items to get everything set for three months.  Larry was ask to sing with the choir for their Christmas Eve Service.  And since we got everything set up by 3, he had a chance to rest a little before the service. 

The service started at 6 and Larry had to go over at 5:30, but I waited till closer to 6, since our site is very close to the rec hall.  The service was very good, with the choir doing a number and the congregation singing many Christmas songs.  The neat part was at the end of the service, the congregation filed outside after the choir while we all sang Silent Night.  Everyone one had lit candles and the night was not too cold.  I was standing there think how cool to be standing outside on Christmas Eve with just a sweater on!

I must admit I got a little sentimental and teared up during the sermon when the preacher started talking about family!