Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We spent 5 nights at Larry's brothers house in western Kentucky.  Larry's family reunion was last Saturday.  The picture above is from the front door of our fifth-wheel at sunset.  Below is a picture of our fifth-wheel set up in the back yard.  It is a nice way to visit, because it gives both parties a break from each others company, unlike if we were staying in their house.  And yet we were able to spent some quality time with my brother in-law and his wife.

We were unable to get any internet service at their house or even in the town.  We did get phone service on the "extended network", so I guess I should be thankful for that.  This is the only place, so far, that we don't get the internet on my phone.  That's Kentucky for you!

Larry had a good reunion.  All of his siblings were able to attend.  Scott and Mady were able to attend also.  Johnny was called back to work, so Jenifer and her family were unable to make it.

For now we are back at the house.  Yes, it is still on the market!!  All though we have a young couple that have looked at it three times, so everyone say your prayers!