Sunday, May 29, 2011

Back Camping Again!!

Sorry I have been off so long, we had to attend to our bricks and sticks.  That is right, we still have not sold our house.  If all of you will add the selling of house to your pray list maybe that will help!

We are camp hosting out at Harmonie State Park this weekend.  This means we do light cleaning in two of the bath houses and check on them once or twice day to refill the toilet paper, etc.  This is not a gross as I thought it would be as the bath house really stay pretty clean.  And in return we get to camp free!

I have been sick since Friday.  Friday I came down with a fever and ached all over and my throat felt terrible.  I called the doctors office and luckily they called in antibiotic for me.  I still have a terrible sore throat and may have to see the doctor.

Larry and I found an indigo bunting (a small almost iridescent blue bird).  It did not appear to be hurt,but it did not fly away and seemed to be panting.  Larry was able to get to perch on a small stick and I told him to place it the fork of a near by tree.  Thinking that at least it would off the ground and a little more protected for animals.  Here are a few pictures:

Little house big backyard on the road again!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Quick Trip to Florida

We just got back from a quick trip to Florida.  Larry's daughter is moving from Florida to near Hoover, Alabama and needed our help to stay with the kids.  We flew in on Thursday and flew back home Sunday.  It was good to see the sun again!  The grandkids were good and no trouble at all.  I got in the pool and floated in the sun Friday and Saturday. It was grand!  And when we got back to Indiana, surprise, the sun was shining!

Little house big backyard!