Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The party is over:-(  People are leaving every day.  By Sunday about half of the park will be gone.  It is getting very hot and because of that I am ready to move on also.  The sun is so intense that I need a hat when I take a walk.  I find my sunglasses are not enough.

We will leaving here April 4th, is all goes as planned.  We will be stopping a night or two in Tallahassee to visit with one of Larry's cousins.  We will be at Jenifer's for Easter and plan to spent a week or so there before we move further north.  The next stop will be in KY at Larry's brothers house.  After that we will back in Eville for a little while, but Mady is anxious to see us so we will be moving on to Franklin for a while.

Little house big back yard!  Gail

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Last Wednesday evening Larry's show the Southern Palms Opry was held.  It was a overwhelming success.  Around 300 to 350 people attended.  This was the show that Larry was in charge of.  He selected the performers, arranged for rehearsals, set the order of the program,  he even typed up the programs.  Even thought the rehearsals were not very good the show when off with just a few minor hitches.

I teased Larry and said it should have been the Larry Neal Variety Hour because he was in every act except two.  In his defense, his band members each did three number and he did a set, then the piano player had asked if would play his guitar when she played, and another lady singer had ask if he would play during her set and then the dubro player's backup guys did not show so Larry played for his set. He was also in the Gospel Quartet, so he was on stage alot.

Here are some pictures of the night:


Saturday, March 10, 2012


Yesterday we went to St Augustine on a bus with others from the park.  The best thing we saw was the old fort, Castillo De San Marcos.  It is is national monument and ran by the National Park Service.  Some of the rangers were dress in official Spanish army uniforms, which looked very hot. This fort was started in 1672, making it on the oldest structures in North America.  It was not completed until 1756.  It was initially built by the Spanish to protect their empire in America.  The fort was never overrun but it has served under six different flags.  When the fort did change hands it was always done by treaty.
Here is Larry by the cannon.

We also saw several other things, for example the oldest Wooden  School House, the old city gates, the non catholic cemetery and Fountain of Youth.  At the Fountain of Youth we all drank from the spring, so the next time you see Larry and I we should look younger!  The grounds were full of peacocks and peahens.  We were able to get very close to one peacock who want to cross the pathway full of people.  Here are some picture, but the don't do the colors justice.

Here is some more nice scenery at the Fountain of Youth, that I noticed! ;-)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Here in Florida's night sky we are able to see four planets at the same time!  Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all in the western sky. Right at dusk,  it starts with Mercury, just above the horizon.  Then almost in a straight line up is Venus and the Jupiter.  At the same time, in the eastern sky is Mars!  According to the Internet we should be able to see another planet, but I have not yet found it.  But being able to see four planets with the naked eye is very cool!

The weather here is starting to heat up a little and the sun is pretty intense some days.  We will be starting our journey north in about 3 weeks.

Little house big backyard!