Thursday, August 9, 2012


Sorry , I have neglecting my blog this summer.

Larry's surgery was very successful.  The only problem he is having is his incision keeps oozing a little.  We have a Doctors appt. on the 21st, so they will look at it then.

We have been up to the Indy area and spent some time with are sweet granddaughter and Larry's son.  We meet up with Jason and bought him dinner.

Then we had to leave the Indy area and down to KY to Larry's brother house.  They were having their family reunion.  The reunion went well, but attendance was way down.  Larry's aunt passed away since the last one and many of her grandchildren and great grandchildren did not attend.  Which is understandable, because most kids come because of the grandmother wanted them to.

We are in Branson, MO right now and having a great time!  We set a budget of what we would spend on shows and I have a show scheduled every day and came in under budget.  Some Larry picked and some I picked.  Let's see, we saw Sons of the Pioneers and went to the Titanic Museum.  Guess who picked which!  But I must admit I enjoyed the Sons of the Pioneers, except it was outside and very warm!  We are planning on seeing a family group, a magician and then Mickey Gilley.  We are having a very good time!!

We are planning on leaving here and taking a couple of days to make our way to Rend Lake.  We are hoping to meet some family there for the weekend.  And back to Harmonie.

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